Matt Donovan: Publications


Book Publications


A Cloud of Unusual Size and Shape: Meditations on Ruin and Redemption (Trinity University Press, April 2016).


Rapture & the Big Bam (Tupelo Press, forthcoming 2017).


Vellum (Mariner, 2007). Selected by Mark Doty for the Bakeless Literary Publication Prize in Poetry.


Anthology Publications


“Audubon Diptych” in The Pushcart Prize XXXIII: Best of the Small Presses (2009

            Edition), ed. Bill Henderson. Pushcart Press: 2008.


“Rapture & the Big Bam” in Dingers: Contemporary Baseball Writing, ed. David

            McGimpsey. The Moosehead Anthology XI, DC Books: 2007.



Journal Publications: Poetry


AGNI (Spring 2010)

          “Elegy With Mistakes All Through It”

           “Van Gogh’s First Sunday Sermon”


AGNI (Spring 2008)

           “Bullied Into Thoughts About the Body & Desire at the Colorado State Fair”

“Bessie Smith’s Last Recorded Song”

“How Graceland’s Decorator Landed the Gig”

‘“Perhaps We Are What We Want to Remember’” (online edition)

“Rapture & the Big Bam” (online edition)

           “Two Songs About the Work of Hands”


AGNI (Fall 2006)

“Fumbling with a Field Guide on the Back Arroyo Trail”

“Thumb Trick”

“Patio Lull with House Guest & View”


AGNI (Fall 2005)

         “Charlie Chaplin Dug Up & Ransomed: A Prayer”

 “Saint Catherine in an O: A Song About Knives”

 “The Scabbard of Limbs Means Flesh”

  “Second Pilgrimage, Rodeo Nites”


American Poetry Review (March/April 2010)

            “Exit, Pursued by a Bear”

             “My Grandmother Stops Caring Valentino is Dead”


Ashville Poetry Review (Winter 2007)

“A Blues about Wanting in the End”


Barrow Street (Winter 2003)

“Testimony: General Manager, Carl’s Produce & the Three Christs of Ward 23”


Bellingham Review (Fall 2005)

           “Guernica, First Draft”

           “The Keeper of Hands”


Blackbird (Fall 2008)

          “Tchaikovsky at the Trinity Site: A Dance of Sorts in Three Acts”

            “Coleridge in Scotland, Walking”


Columbia (Spring 2006)

“Portrait of the Whirlwind in Job as a Passenger Pigeon Flock Portrait”


Crab Orchard Review (Winter/Spring 2004)

           “Trenton, a Solmization, Two Rivers, a Few Tells”


Cuirt Journal (Issue 4, 1996)

          “Tables for Ladies”


Gettysburg Review (Spring 2011)

            "Prelude for Musical Glasses"


Gettysburg Review (Autumn 2003)

              "Night Train: A Listener's Guide"


Green Mountain Review (Fall 2006)

              "Pulling Down the Sky"

               "A Partial Invocation of Our Days"



Harvard Review (No. 39, Spring 2011)


            "Still Life with Burnt Lake"


Kenyon Review (Spring 2010)

        “Poem in which Billie Holiday is Barely Heard”


Kenyon Review (Winter 2007)

            “Audubon Diptych” (selected for Pushcart Prize XXXIII)


Literary Imagination (Spring 2011)

          “Anti-Nocturne in C”

           “To No One”



Ninth Letter (Fall/Winter 2009-2010)

“How to Paint the Sea”

“Randy Mandy’s Lame-Ass Allegory of History: A Corrective”


Ontario Review (Fall/Winter 2003-2004)

“Montezuma’s Painters”

“Stone Breakers”

“Swallowed Things”


Poetry (March 2003)

             “Shapes of Stone and Prayer”



PoetryDaily (March 2003)



PoetryDaily (Featured Poet, April 2007)

            “Saint Catherine in an O: A Song About Knives”


Poetry Ireland Review (Winter 1997)

           “The Spirit Box”


Post Road (Spring 2010)

            Sargent Adrift at the Trenches

            The Owl for at Least a Few Steps


Quarterly West (Spring/Summer 1997)



The Recorder (Fall 2000)

           “Brahms Retired: A Song for Three Voices,”

             “A Faltering Sketch of Ivan the Terrible

             “Pee Wee Russell Reconsiders the Blues”


Threepenny Review (Fall 1998)

            “Prep Work: Houdini”


Virginia Quarterly Review (Spring 2008)

            “Motel Makeshift Lullaby”



Washington Square (Winter 2003)

            “Summer Baptist Camp Hymn”



Journal Publications: Nonfiction


AGNI (Spring 2011)

           “Monkey Mind: A Meditative Path to Perfection”


AGNI (Fall 2012)

            “House of the Faun, Pompeii”


Blackbird (Winter 2011)

            “Unreality and Real Distress: Ekphrasis and Emotion in the Poems of Larry Levis”



             "Almost a Full Year of Stone, Light, and Sky (forthcoming, March 2015)


Cutbank (Fall 2012)

            “House of the Vettii, Pompeii”


Black Warrior Review (Winter 2012)

             “One Hundred and Twenty One Seconds of Square Dance Among Other Things”


Kenyon Review (Summer 2012)

            “Dew Point”


Kenyon Review (forthcoming, Spring 2015)

            “Garden of the Fugitives”


Pen America (Spring 2011)

            “Against Desire”


Poetry International (forthcoming, Summer 2014)

            “Three Issa Riffs”


Seneca Review (Spring/Fall 2012)

            “House of the Large Fountain, Pompeii”


Shadowgraph (Winter 2014)

            “House of the Tragic Poet, Pompeii”

            “Vesuvius: A Prelude”


Threepenny Review (Fall 2012)

            “Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii”


Virginia Quarterly Review (Summer 2010)

             “Leaving Trinity: 10 Ground Zero Swerves”